FAQ (that's "frequently asked question" to you and me)

What is SocialBookCo?

SocialBookCo are the book comparison experts - yes thats all types of books (ebooks, Audio books, Textbooks, Second hand books, paperback and hardback). We make it easy to compare prices from a number of retailers so that you don’t have to. We are completely impartial and just give you the facts and figures so that its easier for you to make the decision.

Is SocialBookCo free to use?

Yes it sure is - we don’t ask you to pay a penny/cent/fran….or any other currency we don’t even ask you to sign up or for any personal details. It free for everyone to enjoy.

How do I use SocialBookCo?

Easy Peezy... type in the title of the book or author or even the ISBN in the search box found above (and on every page of this site) then click the green search button. Once your results are displayed click on the book title you were looking for. SocialBookCo will then display all the retailers that sell the title and the price….we will give you a breakdown on whether the book is new or used also the cost of delivery and we will even let you know if the is a coupon or voucher code that you can use at checkout.

Once you click on you chosen retailer, SocialBookCo will then take you to the shops website where you will actually carry out your purchase and place the item in your basket. Please note that some shops don’t provide us with the ability to take you directly to the product page but thats ok, as we will take you to their homepage where you will just need to search for the title and add it to your basket :)

What countries does SocialBookCo operate in?

SocialBookCo works with retailers across the world:

I have found the books I would like to purchase. However, there doesn't seem to be an option to check-out?

Just so that you know, SocialBookCo is a comparison engine not a bookstore, you can’t purchases books from SocialBookCo - it compares the prices from a number of retailers to find you the best possible price for your purchase. Once we have listed all the prices you get to pick which retailer you would like to purchase from and we direct you straight to the retailer where you carry out the transaction.

How do I find out if SocialBookCo has posted the books I ordered?

Oops - you didn’t purchase your book from SocialBookCo. We are a comparison engine, not a bookstore. When you completed your book purchases you would have received a confirmation email from the retailer, this email should include all the information you require regarding your purchases e.g.: estimations of delivery, retailer contact details, Information on your purchases. If you can’t find this email in your inbox it could have mistakenly ended up in your junk mail - if all the above fails then please check your bank statement as that should let you know which retailer you purchased with.

When visiting the retailer site, the shipping cost for a book I want to order doesn’t seem to match what SocailBookCo states. Why?

Bulky/heavy items sometimes have a surcharge which don’t get included in the results displayed on SocialBookCo as the retailer doesn’t pass this information back to us. This charge is normal displayed on the checkout page on the retailers website just before you place your order. Please check the retailers website for more information.

SocialBookCo states book is "not found" for a title I want to purchase on Amazon, but when I go directly to the Amazon website I can find it there. Why is that?

Sometimes there can be a delay in Amazon adding new products to their Product API. The title will usally appear with 48 hours of the listing being added.

Can I suggest a store to add on SocialBookCo?

Yes please do the more we have the merrier! Send us links to the retailers you would like to see on SocialBookCo and we will do our very best to get them onboard. please send all suggestions to: suggestions@socialbookco.com

What currency conversion rates do you use?

Currency rates are obtained via the Google Finance API. Currency rates are always highlighted on the page where applicable.

Can you add my book reviews on to SocialBookCo?

We tend to normally hand pick the reviews we include on SocialBookco as they must adhere to a certain criteria however, we always love to hear from vloggers and would consider adding new book reviews to SocailBookCo.com. Please join our Book Review Programme we look forward to hearing from you :)

Can SocialBookCo Support my Patreon Page?

SocialBookCo takes great pride in supporting and sponsoring great creators in the book industry which is why we wanted to help support some of the reviewers on the Patreon website. Our team takes the time looking through all relevant patreon users to find the ones that we can...

Can anyone enter your competitions?

We all hate rules but unfortunately it is a must…..the rules for general competition entries are as follows (depends on the type of competition we run but you get the gist:

Do I have to Sign Up to use the SocialBookCo service?

Not at all... we don’t ask you to sign up for our service, just simply search for the title you are looking for and away you go!

How does SocialBookCo make money?

If you use one of our links that directs you to the retailer and you decided to buy something then that retailer will pay us a referral fee. Please note…not all partners SocialBookCo work with pay us a referral fee.

Our commercial arrangements have no impact on how we list the retailers or where they appear in your results list.