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About the Author: Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O'Carroll is an Irish BAFTA-winning writer, producer, comedian, author, actor and director. A popular comedian in Ireland since the early 1990s, O'Carroll is best known internationally for portraying the foul-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes Brown in Mrs. Brown's Boys. O'Carroll has written seven novels, including The Mammy (1994), The Chisellers (1995), The Granny (1996), The Scrapper (originally published as "Sparrows Trap", 1997) and The Young Wan (2003); a number of these have been translated into 12 languages and have been best sellers worldwide. He has also written four films and nine comedy shows. These include The Course (1995), Grandad's Sure Lilly's Still Alive (1997), The Last Wedding (1999), Mourning Mrs. Brown (2000), Mrs. Brown Rides Again (2004), For the Love of Mrs. Brown (2007), How Now Mrs. Brown Cow? (2009), and Good Mourning Mrs. Brown (2011).

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