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Paperback, Published in Oct 2008 by Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN10: 1598587978 | ISBN13: 9781598587975

Page count: 276

The trilogy begins in March of 1968, when the CIA and U.S. Army INSCOM (Intelligence Security Command) learn that the Soviet Union has developed a psychic program to conduct espionage on the U.S. intelligence community. To counter this threat, they begin forming their own psychic program from the research of a similar experiment, conducted two years prior at the University of Illinois by Dr. Albert Silvers. The task of bringing this program together is put upon Director Henry Miller, a CIA veteran, and Colonel James A. Stewart, the officer in charge of INSCOM and the military liaison officer to a multitude of Department of Defense contractors, located at Johnsville Naval Air-Warfare Development Center, in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Director Miller appoints Brian Crawford, a new recruit to the CIA and former standout football player at Penn State University, to represent the CIA on his behalf. Colonel Stewart and Agent Crawford become quick friends and set out to form the Psychic Research for the advancement of Intelligence gathering on Soviet and eastern bloc Military forces, or P.R.I.S.M. Although Colonel Stewart and Agent Crawford are both skeptical of the usefulness of psychics to the intelligence community, but their opinions sway after watching old file footage of a young boy seemingly' using psychic abilities to help his family escape Communist held East Germany, and film from the failed program conducted by Dr. Silvers, of young girl using Pyro-Kinesis and another young boy using mental telepathy. They work at a blinding pace to retrieve all the data they can on these subjects. The young boy who helps his family defect from East Germany, is now a U.S. citizen and has been recruited by Director Miller to be a part of P.R.I.S.M. However, the whereabouts of the two children that were involved with Dr. Silvers' program, like their identities, are unknown. Concluding that the two children would make an excellent addition to P.R.I.S.M., Colonel Stewart and Agent Crawford begin looking for information on the two. Since neither the CIA, nor INSCOM has any details on the two children, and Dr. Silvers was believed to have a nervous breakdown, killing himself and others in a city bus hijacking, Colonel Stewart recruits an old Army buddy, Scott Wallack, to be head of security on Project: P.R.I.S.M., and to gather any information he can from Dr. Silver's widow. Special Agent Wallack returns to Johnsville NADC with the personal journals of Dr. Silvers, and then the mystery begins to unfold. Agent Crawford comes across one of Dr. Silvers' journals and it has a particular effect on Project: P.R.I.S.M. He finds one word- Assyrr, written throughout the entire notebook. They discover that it is the name of an ancient demon that possesses its unwary victims through nightmares, ultimately driving the victim to end their own life, and the lives of others as well. Special Agent Wallack and his three man security team have an encounter with demonic influences, causing Agent Crawford to ask, "What does psychic research have to do with this demon?" The answer to that question remains a mystery, until the CIA recruit's an Exorcist/ Demonologist from the Catholic Church, Father Joseph Salomie. It becomes apparent that people with psychic abilities are in the evolutionary state of where God had ultimately planned for humanity to be. This would create a "Final Communion" with God and a world wide holy utopia. To prevent humanity from gaining such a precious ability, one in which he held so dear, but lost long ago, Lucifer sets out to halt this union of man and God. He unleashes his demonic horde to carry out his diabolical plan- a communion between humanity and himself! The members of Project: P.R.I.S.M. go head to head with the forces of evil, battling demons, political bureaucracy and enemy psychic agents, in an attempt to keep humanity on track for "Final Communion." But, will that communion be with God or Lucifer?

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