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About the Author: Bryce O'Connor



Bryce writes high fantasy stories with special twists on character and plot. Child of the Daystar, the first installment in his series, The Wings of War, released in December, 2015. The second installment, The Warring Son, is available on Amazon and Audible in now.

THE WINGS OF WAR: Child of the Daystar


Some debts can't be paid in gold...
Raz was not born to the slaughter of the mercenary’s way, to the butchery and battle of day-by-day survival. Raz, like a sword, was hammered from steel and fire and ashy smoke, forged into being on the ruins of an old life.

And Raz knows who he owes this new path to, this carved way of blood and iron. The Monster of Karth, after all, would never forget who gave him that name.

THE WINGS OF WAR: The Warring Son


Peace - as is so often the case - is a shallow trickery. The North, it seems, is not far-gone from the corruption and wickedness Raz had hoped to leave behind in the fringe cities. Before long he finds himself embroiled in the savage politics of this new land, forced to play a part in the ugly game of intrigue and violence once more. To survive, Raz must again give way to the Monster, making his stand within the devouring walls of the cruel coliseum the Northerners call simply "the Arena".

Blood, after all, freezes as hard and cold as anything else.

THE WINGS OF WAR: Winter's King(coming soon)

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