The Lord of Wolf Castle Cover Image
The Lord of Wolf Castle Cover Image

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Paperback, Published in Feb 2010 by Xlibris Corporation

ISBN10: 1441565973 | ISBN13: 9781441565976

Page count: 144

"The child in your womb is a half-demon. Lady Rubi will sense the child just as I have unless you allow me to cloak your scent. Here," Lady Aki says as she takes her amulet in her hands and transforms it into a solitary pendant, "wear this. It will mask your scent until you begin to show." "Will Lady Rubi kill us when she finds out?" Princess Rose asks as she protectively places her hands over her navel. "My daughter-in-law is capable of many things. Let's just hope Lord Genshu tells her long before she finds out on her own." Tamoya returns and says, "My Lady, the room you requested for our guest is ready." "Very good," Lady Aki replies. "Now come child and I'll show you to your room." On their way to Princess Rose's quarters, they pass the Great Hall. Princess Rose sees a young Lord about her age talking to one of the servants. He is very handsome and she asks, "Who is he? My Lord's younger brother?" "That, dear child, is Lord Yukio. He is my grandson and your lover's first born son. You would do well to stay far away from him. The child you carry is in direct competition to Lord Yukio's claim to the throne as Lord of Wolf Castle." "Do you believe he will challenge my child's birthright?" Princess Rose asks. "My dear, I believe he would kill you on sight!" Princess Rose is not liking the image that's forming in her mind. She asks, "How can Lord Yukio be Genshu's son? He looks to be my age." "If you are seventeen then he is your age." Seeing the confusion on her face, Lady Aki explains, "Demons age much more slowly than humans once they pass through puberty. Lord Genshu is nearly forty-five human years old." Princess Rose stops in her tracks saying, "You mean he's older than my own father?" Smiling at her charge, Lady Aki states, "Oh, I'm certain he is much older than your own father. Now come. Your room is this way." Lady Aki helps Princess Rose settle in to her new surroundings, provides her with her own hand maiden, and explains some of the castle routines. She then leaves her alone to await her fate. Princess Rose realizes her lover is a married man, older than her own father, with a son her own age that will kill her on sight since she carries another male heir inside her womb. She wonders if this day can possibly get any worse. From the doorway she hears a voice say, "I saw you a few moments ago. Who are you that Grandmother Aki would escort you around our castle personally?" Princess Rose looks toward the handsome stranger praying that Lady Aki was over exaggerating when she said her grandson would kill her on sight. "Silence is good in a woman," Lord Yukio replies with the slightest hint of a smile. Turning toward her hand maiden he commands, "Leave us." "Yes, my Lord," the young hand maiden states with a bow. He approaches Princess Rose saying, "You are mortal, are you not?" She nods. He smiles while looking her over from head to toe. Finally he says, "It was good of father to choose a mate for me but I fear a mortal female is not what I seek. However," he adds while taking her hand in his, "I shall make good use of you." He lifts her hand to smell the inside of her wrist. He wants to see if she is receptive to his candor. When he senses no scent from her at all, he curiously looks up into her face and finally notices Lady Aki's stone pendant about her neck. His eyes narrow as he asks, "Why would my grandmother find it necessary to give you that pendant?" Princess Rose tries to pull her hand free from his grip. This causes him to hold on to her even more tightly. This time when he bends down he licks the inside of her wrist. He taste the signature scent that the amulet is trying so desperately to hide. The look of betrayal on Lord Yukio's face is uncanny. There is shock, disbelief then his eyes begin to glow with a fiery hatred, a serious blood lust. He growls a warning which causes Princess Rose's skin to crawl with dread then he exit's her room in a flurry of fur and rage. R

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