Burn Ozero Sayzan Burn Cover Image
Burn Ozero Sayzan Burn Cover Image

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Paperback, Published in Dec 2008 by Trafford Publishing

ISBN10: 1425185959 | ISBN13: 9781425185954

Page count: 468

Franco returns from Europe where he was testing the quality of security of the numerous divisions of the US Army occupying West Germany after the world war II.
His work and the scams he had to perpetrate, didn't endear him to almost all the units and a pile of complaints accumulated on the General's desk.
Nicole Mirabeau a French beauty Franco was courting for two years, comes to Washington and asks to live with Franco because of finances. However she meets a rich perfume manufacturers from France in the French Embassy where she is a receptionist and he dazzles her with the grandeur of the upper crust of Parisian society.
The night before she told Franco that she's leaving him, after a two year courtship, she felt so guilty, she decided to sleep with him. In the morning she told him of her decision. The shock to Franco was devastating. What was worse, was the shock Mrs. Edwards received, she was the blind lady and Franco's adopted mother. What nobody knew was that the reason she had those ever increasing headaches was a developing aneurism in her head. she liked Nicole, and the strain trying to convince Nicole she made a mistake exceeded the strength of the brain vessel and it burst.
Franco lost two persons dear to him and there was only one way to escape the loss. Work. It always cured his mind of psychological problems and he accepted another assignment.
Soviet tanks were massing on the Czechoslovak border as a prelude to invasion and General Morgenthau, Franco's superior ordered him to find out what lay behind this unusual action of the Russians.
The road takes him through Prague, but not even the leadership of the Czechoslovaks is privy to the reason. He has to go to Moscow and contact their agent in the Kremlin.
When the news came that his work to teach security paid of, and a Russian Colonel Stasha Dzugashvilli was arrested, he noticed the uncanny similarity between him and he Colonel.
Obtaining a Russian colonel's uniform was not a problem and neither were the papers identifying him as a KGB officer.
On the way east to the Russian border he gets involved in a scam for the gold mine workers in eastern Slovakia, and they help him to get across the border in a gold ore truck. He meets Baron Abramovich who knows a secret and arrives in Moscow.
In the Kremlin's toilet he encounters Chairman Khrushchev, and is asked what he thinks Russia should do since Stalin is dead. Franco tells the truth angering the Generals but is excused for his openness, because he spend so much time spying in the west he must be infected with American ideals. Khrushchev invites him to a top level meeting, where the secret he came to find is divulged. He informs the American Embassy, and the General.
Once in Russia he is told to create a pimple on the Russian posterior so they would pay more attention to China and leave Europe alone.
The effort takes him through Siberia, Baikonur air base, and the frozen deserts of Tibet and Mongolia.
Many difficult experiences are met with his perseverance and he works himself back to Russia.
The time spend in a diamond mine labor camp he encountered by mistake, makes him a rich man.
With his job done and two years gone, he ends his time in Russia by coverting the KGB colonel who was prematurely released from US custody. Colonel Stasha Dzugashvilli and accompanies him to the United States. Nicole comes to the United States after the perfume manufacturers divorces her because she was pregnant and he was impotent. Franco meets Nicole's and her daughter Colette for the first time but again under trying circumstances.
The novel Burn Ozero Sayzan Burn is full of adventure in strange places. The circumstances at times get outright hilarious and add humor to the story when needed. The novel is well worth reading.

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