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About the Author: Jeff Prebis

Jeff Prebis is the author of four novels, The Debacle, A Trip Down Psychopath Lane, Sexy People, and Man Without A Country along with the short story collection, Walking On Razor Blades: Stories Of Death, Blood, And Sex, and several of his short stories are available as eBooks including the novella, Bloodsucker Boulevard. He spends his time studying the dark arts in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Newest Novel: Man Without A Country

John McCoy, guidance counselor, is not quite sane, as evidenced by the purchase of a chimp shortly after his family was murdered. Bobby Dupri, student, may be the Anti-Christ, bent on creating a world populated only by white people.

An unusual epidemic breaks when people are mentally reprogrammed after going to social networks or checking their email. Even stranger, they begin building things with the items they collected. Then nuclear bombs start destroying cities while an army gathers in the ashes, eager to take over the nation. Will America just be a pile of ash owned by an invisible army of a monster’s creation? Only a barely sane guidance counselor, the nurse at his school, and his pet chimp stand in their way.

Sexy People.
Barbara and Bob have fallen into a rut. Every day is exactly the same. An invitation to a sex party is accepted and their lives are changed in ways they never could have imagined. Suddenly, things are a lot more interesting than they were which isn't necessarily a good thing. Bargains are made. Dreams come true. Nightmares also. They enter a world no one walks out of alive in this surreal tale of sex and death.

Walking On Razor Blades covers everything from erotic vampire stories to gory android tales to lunatics harming themselves because of bath salts. Plenty of drug fiction. A man has a bad reaction to an erection pill he took, and turns into a cat. In a village of androgynous people an ape is the messiah, and he forces a hungry man to eat his own body.

Two Sultry Nights And One Macabre Morning is his newest eBook. It involves seduction, betrayal, and eventually love between two strangers who meet under strange circumstances.

Juggling With Hand Grenades is a wild story about two lovers reconnecting after a number of years apart, only to have their reunion jeopardized by the multiple personalities of the man, which lead to criminal activity, and a war on the streets of a Filipino city.

Bloodsucker Boulevard is the tale of vampires using humans as slaves to obtain blood for them.

A Trip Down Psychopath Lane is the newest installment to the Jeff Prebis collection.

Johnny Craven, an Academy-Award winning actor, wakes up in a box in the bedroom of his stalker named Nina. She has the ability to control him with her cell phone. He is her slave and she forces him into having strange sex with her. Meanwhile another man is living as Johnny Craven, with the same face. He is a serial killer who forces his victims into killing themselves.

One of the false Johnny Craven’s victims’ father and mother hire a stripper/private eye named Deveraux to locate their daughter. Is she capable of taking down the false Johnny Craven? Can Johnny escape the prison of his stalker? Who is the man who stole his identity? What role did he play in putting Johnny in his current state of hell? Can Deveraux locate the missing young woman?

Black And Blue
In the streets of a city a serial killer runs amok killing hookers.

One under cover cop and one lesbian hooker; together can they bring down the most horrendous of killers? How?

The Debacle Cover Image

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Paperback, Published in Mar 2007 by America Star Books

ISBN10: 1424165830 | ISBN13: 9781424165834

Page count: 216

Buxxum, North Dakota. The town was named after its lone resource, Buxxum. The lives of the people depend on this resource. Without it, there would be no jobs for the people, no food on their tables, and no hope for survival. But what happens when the resource attacks, when every man, woman, and child becomes part of a diabolical role reversal that leaves no one safe?
Man has dominated the world for a long time. But now a new predator is on the loose that wants a piece of the pie. The adults are dead by daybreak. The children are missing, under the control of deadly beings. A few scattered survivors are left to sort through the corpses for fragments of the lives they once knew.

Danny thought he had the world at his fingertips. He is a provocative painter who seduces the ladies of Buxxum, and leaves them longing while he chases his next conquest. He is forced to do the unthinkable. To help someone else for the first time in his life.
June has loved Danny since they went to high school. She finally has her turn with him and the world falls apart. Can she find him before she is killed? Can they escape the madness?

Martha is a simple schoolteacher who loves her son and longs to move from Buxxum to find a better life. They are seperated at the outbreak of the debacle, and she has to fight against the gathering storm of evil to save her boy. Can she find him before it is too late?

Willy is a dirty, little boy. Frequently he is picked on by his school chums. Will he ever get a bath? Will he put some trousers on that bare ass? Or will he become a beast that rivals the implacable Buxxum running wild in the town.

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