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The Millennium Soldier Cover Image

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The Ancient Ones by

Goodreads rating: 4.33

Paperback, Published in Oct 2011 by Brevia Publishing Company

ISBN10: 096285316X | ISBN13: 9780962853166

Page count: 188

During the time called "The Millennium, " a thousand years of peace enveloped Earth. During this time, Earth is ruled by one called Messiah, and governed by men and women who had died, and who now lived, and were said to be indestructible. Disease has been conquered. Life spans are expanded to hundreds of years. Crime is non existent. Technology explodes as a result of expanded minds, of the absence of evil and disease, and other impediments to human knowledge. Suddenly, travel to the stars is not merely possible, but common. As Earth fills with people, many seek out new worlds in which to live.

But, long ago in Earth history, there roamed a malignant being whose origins were off-world. This alien inserted himself into the life of mankind, wreaking havoc, bringing wars, and seeking to destroy all of mankind. He is assisted by beings like himself. They are able to take control of some humans, possessing their minds and bodies and bringing them under complete domination. Humans who become controlled by one of these aliens have no will of their own.

In time, after many wars and much destruction, this being and his army are imprisoned by Messiah. However, at the end of 1000 years, he is again loosed, to test all of mankind.

This malignant entity who calls himself Lucien, begins a crusade of seduction, deception and corruption of the humans governments and humans on Earth. Lucien was known in the past records of that ancient book called "The Holy Book, " as Lucifer, or Satan. He is a magnificent creature, beautiful to behold, powerful beyond any human, and able to bend humans to his will.

His will now is to conquer Earth, the universe, and all life. But, his ultimate goal is what he'd always sought: "the throne of God." His intention is to mount an assault on Heaven itself.

Lucien seeks to enlist a human whose origins are mysterious. This strange warrior soldiered in many wars for the causes of Earth governments, even fighting against ruthless alien invaders from other planets. He is called Cubal. In all of the universe there is no one quite like him. His fighting skills are legend, and he is trained in the mysterious fighting discipline called "D'vru, " a fighting technique only one man ever truly mastered, though many achieved rank in the art. Cubal was the only one to achieve the highest level of, " D'vru., " He is the unstoppable soldier, a warrior without peer.

There is another who also seeks Cubal for the coming war. Messiah seeks him, too.

But, one who is a "Wearer of the Black, " the garb of all who trained in the ways of "D=vru, " does not believe in gods, nor in devils, but only in superior beings, of which he knows he is one.

This is a Christian Science Fiction thriller. If you liked "Star Wars, " you'll love this action-packed, mind-boggling story set in Earth's future, when devils descend upon mankind in a way never before seen, and when strange aliens invade Earth, seeking to set up a demonic kingdom populated with aliens and cloned humans who worship the being called Lucifer.

One man will oppose them.

But, even this man cannot realize the enormity of the battles ahead, nor the power of the alien he will face in battle.

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