SocialBookCo Book Review Programme FAQs

Who is SocialBookCo?

SocialBookCo started out as a simple book price comparison website helping visitors find books at the lowest price possible whether it is a new or used book we have it listed, we want to make reading affordable for everyone. We have developed SocialBookCo to be more than just a place to compare book prices but we wanted to bring all book lovers together to enjoy reading the books they love.

We launched our Book Review Programme to allow people to share their love of books with the rest of the internet, we felt this was important not only for the book industry but for all those people who find it hard to decided what to read (that includes us).

We are looking to develop the site even further so please keep an eye out for emails with updates on what we are doing in the coming weeks – don’t worry we won’t bombard you, you will only hear from us when there is something important going on.

How will it work?

We will be contacting publishers in order to receive books each month and we will also be purchasing books ourselves, which we would like our reviewers to review. Once we receive a book, SocialBookCo will contact the reviewer we feel targets the relevant book category, or the person that has submitted interest via the system. As we require a quick turnaround, the reviewer will have two days to respond to us with their interest otherwise the opportunity for that book will be passed onto another partner.

Once a sale happens via the link you used for your review it will track in the SocialBookCo system.

Make sure you login regularly to see how your funds are building up.

Are there any costs?

Becoming a SocialBookCo reviewer won't cost you a thing - there is no setup or monthly charges. We pay you a commission on the sales you generate via your book review link that we provide you.

How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is very easy and it's completely FREE. You don't have to pay to become a book reviewer.

To register, just go to the Signup Form (hyperlink) and fill in the necessary details. After we have reviewed your application, you will receive an email with how to access your account and useful information regarding how to get started.

As a SocialBookCo book reviewer, you will have your own control panel where you can view statistics of traffic, sales referred, clicks and book available to review. Just surest a book to us or submit yourself for one of the book recommendation we have and once you’ve been accepted for the specific book, and you’ve written the review just place the link we provided you with on your website/social media account to start sending customers to SocialBookCo where they can pick which retailer they would like to purchase through - once they have purchased you will earn a commission for the sale.

Any questions you have regarding Setting up an account please contact at and we will be on hand to answer your questions.

How are purchases tracked?

Once you are approved to review a book you will be automatically assigned a unique link specific to that title which includes your Referral ID. Your Referral ID is how we identify you and can track and transactions made back to you.

How do I get paid?

We feel it is the easiest for everyone if we pay out on a monthly basis via PayPal however if this option doesn’t work for you then please let us know and we will look into other options contact

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

We use a combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for the best possible reliability. When a visitor follows your unique link, our system registers this referral and places a cookie on the visitor's computer. When the visitor pays for the product the system checks for the stored cookie (if not found, it will check for IP address of referral) and credits your account with the commission. This is an automatic process. All your referrals will be properly tracked however can take up to 24 hours to appear on your report.

Cancellations or returns, what happens?

If a customer cancels their order the retailer will inform us via a feed - this will then show up on your report as “declined”

What happens next?

If you are selected, we will contact you with details of the book, handy tips and other important information you need to know. If you accept the book, it will be dispatched immediately and we'd like you to post a review of the book on your website/channel. The book review must link back to the SocialBookCo using the unique link provided by us. By using this link it will enable you to earn commission on any sales generated. We would also like you to mention SocialBookCo in your review in hope that we help your visitors find the lowest price book. Share the love, love reading, make reading affordable for everyone.

How will I be paid for sales I generate?

On registration please provide us with your Paypal email - all payments are made via Paypal. If you don’t have a PayPal account please get in touch.

Don't forget to enter your account details; if you forget to do this on registration you can update your payment profile at a later date. This allows us to pay you for approved commissions each month providing you have reached the £5 threshold (If you do not hit £5 payment threshold the amount you have in approved commission will roll over until you do so).

When do I receive payment?

We pay reviewers at the end every month for previous months approved sales as long as the balance has reached the minimum threshold of £5. If your balance hasn't reached the £5 it will roll over to the following month till you do so.

There is no need to invoice us as once payment has been made via your nominated payment method you will receive a self-billing invoice. Payment should arrive in your account within 5 working days.

What currency will I be paid in?

Reviewer payments will be made in GBP. PayPal will convert the commission from GBP to your chosen currency defined when setting up your PayPal account.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I get paid?

Please get in touch with us so we can arrange an alternative method of payment:

How much will I be paid?

Retailer commission rates are as follows:

Retailer Currency Commission GBP 2.50% USD 2.50% CAD 2.00%
Wordery GBP 2.50%
Book Depository GBP 2.50% GBP 2.00%
Abebooks GBP 2.50%
Foyles for Books GBP 3.50%
Waterstones GBP 2.00%
Blackwell Books GBP 3.00%
The Works GBP 2.50%
The Book People GBP 2.50% USD 2.50%
Powell's USD 3.75%
Barnes & Noble USD 1.00%
The Co-op AUD 4.00%
Booktopia AUD 2.50%
Readings AUD 2.50%

This list will be updated with new retailers on a regular basis.

Commission is based on book price only and excludes any applicable taxes or delivery charges. Commission levels are subject to change. Please check back regularly to view any changes.

I haven’t received the book to review – what do I do?

Sorry you haven’t received the book, we send all books out via Royal Mail. Please contact us if you believe your book is lost in the post somewhere around the world on

I haven’t been selected to review any books why?

Sorry you haven’t been selected to review a book yet – we try our very best to ensure all participants get a book to read, however there are a few reasons why you might not have received a book just yet:

1. SocialBookCo hasn’t received a book that is in your category/author interest.

2. There has been huge interest in the programme and SocialBookCo hasn’t got round to purchasing a book on your list – we will get there :)

3. We are currently on the hunt for publishers who supply books in your category of interest.

Give us a nudge to see where we are with getting a book sorted for you.

Why do I have to use the link provided by SocialBookCo?

The link provided by SocialBookCo ensure that if any sales were to happen by a visitor clicking your link then it will track and commissions will be paid out. Please note: to take part in this review programme participants must use the link provided, if the link is not used then unfortunately the reviewer might be removed from the programme.

What are the requirements for taking part in the review programme?

Reviewers must link their visitors to only for the specific review

Reviews must be completed by the date agreed between the reviewer and SocialBookCo – once a date has been agreed then the book will be sent.

Once a book is sent in the post via Royal Mail, it is out of SocialBookCo hands – if the book has not been received by the participant SocialBookCo reserves the right not to send a replacement.

Please note Books that are proofs (uncorrected copies) are provided to our reviewers to review and are not for re-sale. Proofs can be given to a charity for resale but only after publication date.

Books that are NOT proofs belong to the reviewer who can do as they wish with them, keep them, give them to charity, include them as part of a giveaway or even run a competition and use it as a prize. Once we have sent the book to you – the book is yours to do as you wish (only after you have written the review though ;)

Partners who don’t follow these Terms and receive a book and do not review they will be removed from the list of potential reviewers and will not take part in future promotions.

If books are not reviewed, SocialBookCo reserves the right to not send further books.

The reviewer must send SocialBookCo links to the completed review before the review completion via the My Reviews tab, above

Your SocialbookCo link must be the only link used for the books we provide you with. You may use your social media links and your website links but no other retailer links.

Please mention SocialBookCo in your review so that visitors know to visit the site to make their purchase.

Taking part in this promotions the participant agrees to all of the above.

Why do we share the commission with SocialBookCo?

As you can see our service is free to use – we buy most of the books out of our own pocket, however the only way we can fund getting these books and keeping the review system running is by sharing the commission with you

Can I do a vlog instead of writing a review?

We accept reviews in all online formats – but remember you must be able to place the SocialBookCo link somewhere visible.

Can the review be positive or negative?

The review is your unbiased opinion, it can be positive or negative, please don’t let anything influence you. We just want you to be open and honest :)

I have a YouTube account and Website – can I post the review on both?

Yes you can! Just be sure to send us the links once you’ve posted, we would love to read/watch them.

What do I do once I’ve completed and posted my review?

We would love to read your review, please send details via the My Reviews tab, above.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can have a read of our Terms and Conditions here.