Introducing the SocialBookCo Book Review ProgrammePosted on 14 Aug 2016 by Maya

We're looking for bloggers, book reviewers, booktubers, Vloggers and anyone that loves books who wants to post their views online, to get on board for an exciting new opportunity available on SocialBookCo.

SocialBookCo allows you to select the books that you would like to review. We send you the book free of charge and you then review via your YouTube, website and social media channels.

In order to take part, please sign up to our book review programme - it’s free, quick and easy:

During registration you'll be able to submit your own wish list of book titles that you would like to review. Once registered you'll also be able to see what books we have already available and put yourself forward to review them.

So... why should you join? Well here are just a few reasons:

1. Free books to review
2. You can select your own books to review and we look to provide them
3. Get commission on all orders – we share the retailer commission with you
4. >Open to Book Reviewers across the world in any language
5. Book lovers get to buy from the cheapest retailer
6. Monthly payments on approved sales
7. For the love of books!

We hope to see you soon.

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